Dental Savings Plan

The BSDA Dental Savings Plan

For people who prefer to pay cash, want a deal, don’t have dental insurance or don’t want to use their dental insurance.

We have a solution that is much more to-the-point, simpler, and allows us to help people keep their teeth, even without insurance. Since we’ve taken the time to know our patients, we’ve purposely created an alternative that meets the exact needs of the friends we serve. You get to decide, with your doctor, what’s best for your teeth, while avoiding the complicating “chatter” of insurance adjusters, sneaky policy limitations, and fluctuating premiums. Most of our patients who use this service have done the math, and they’ve told us what a good value it is.

Plan Details:

Annual Preventative Care for just $399 (save over $600 annually!) and includes all of your preventative care (2 cleanings, exams and x-rays). Additional family members can be added for just $369.  Additional benefits include an immediate price reduction of 15% off any needed treatment and 25% off any over the counter merchandise.  (Invisalign is not included in the 15% discount on this program)

Why this Plan is Better than Insurance:

*** The secret is eliminating the middle man –  the Insurance Company. By removing this administrative monster, we are able to offer our patients reduced fees and put the relationship back to where it belongs – between dentist and patient.

We would love to share more information with you about how this plan can work for you, your family or even your business! 

Please call us at 207-282-9962 to speak with a team member today.

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