We exist to be a place where people feel known
Beyond just dental.

“Care” is a buzzword in the dentistry world. But if you want someone to feel like you really care about them, you put forward that extra effort to make sure you know a little bit more about that person. We know what makes Biddeford Saco Dental Associates unique is our intentionality around looking past your teeth to see the person you are.

Who We Are

This General Dentistry practice has been operating continuously in downtown Saco, Maine for over 80 years. At Bidderford Saco Dental Associates, we have an extremely long community context with patients from Biddeford and Saco primarly, but others from all over southern Maine.

We’re proud of this group of talented friends we get to work with. We’re proud of all the people we’ve helped to keep their teeth beautiful and functional over the years. When we get a chance to brag, it’s around the incredible team of experienced dentists, hygienists, assistants, and staff who are all dedicated to improving oral health with an underlying attitude that, “The teeth you have are the best teeth, and you should have them for a lifetime.”

What We Value

The restorative, esthetic and dental hygiene requirements are standard for every dental practice in the state. We spend a lot of energy exceeding those standards because we have such strong underlying beliefs about how we should treat people. When you believe in something more than just dental, it shapes the experience. You don’t just practice excellent dentistry, you practice good human and relational skills too. This is how we should treat the patients we serve.

Sit people up, close your mouth, use your ears.

Ask great questions and say what’s on your mind.

Serve with your whole personality and your absolute best work.

Whenever it seems right!

For Families, Forever.

We have long histories with the patients we serve. The practice is over 80 years old, and we’re on our fourth dentist-owner. As a result, we have served generations of families, it’s in our DNA. Today, we’re helping the children of patients who were children with us years ago. When it comes to families, we’re all in.

To families of five or less:
We can schedule you all during the same hour to help simplify your life.

Some things we Do Very Differently from other dentists.

We’re conversational, and committed to breaking the dental stereotypes of being “Pressure Salesmen”. Want to know what you’ll be experiencing at Biddeford Saco Dental Associates? 

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