Technology means we do a better job at helping you keep your teeth.

At Biddeford Saco Dental Associates, we strive to offer our patients the highest quality of care, because friends take care of each other. With dental technology constantly evolving, we make sure to invest in new equipment that will better treat and educate our patients. Additionally, our dentists attend many courses and seminars throughout the year to stay abreast of all the advances within the dental field.

Lisa Gagne

Intraoral Camera

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Each room in our office is equipped with an intraoral camera. These cameras allow us to capture digital pictures of teeth and tissue to better explain to our patients what we are seeing. It’s a major part of being good communicators and empowering you with as much knowledge as we can. This helps us make good decisions, together.

Ultrasonic Scalers

Each one of our hygiene rooms contains one of these units. At times, tartar build-up can be very difficult to “scrape” off teeth with traditional hand instruments. An ultrasonic scaler uses electromagnetic forces to create vibrations that are so fast — about 25,000 to 45,000 times per second — that they fall into the ultrasonic range. In fact, the tool’s tip moves so quickly that it must be cooled by a constant stream of liquid, a process called lavage. With its vigorous, repetitive motion, the tip is easily able to break up hardened deposits on the tooth without damaging it. The ultrasonic scaler can rapidly remove tough stains and tartar, meaning less time for the patient in the chair. Really, we know that “super-clean teeth” feeling, and we want every patient to share that sensation with us!

Cerec | Tooth Imagery

The idea of Digital Dentistry has really revolutionized how we operate on a daily basis and Cerec is leading the way. CAD/CAM technology has truly changed the way we are able to practice dentistry. Using the most current version (Omnicam) we are able to take live, full-color, video imaging of your teeth and surrounding structures. Click here to learn more about this technology.  Click Here To Learn More >

Digital X-Rays

There are two significant advantages to digital radiographs. First, the digital sensors are more sensitive than traditional wet films which means less radiation. The other major advantage is that we can see the images instantly without waiting for a development period. They are also dramatically smaller, ours are handheld. We’ve minimized as much of the awkwardness of an X-Ray as technology will allow!

Panoramic X-Ray – This type of radiograph allows us to view many of the structures in the head and neck region not normally seen on traditional x-rays.

Digital Charts

We want to make people feel known, so we’ve recently upgraded our system to become virtually paperless. This is now allowing to us to view all of our patients’ records in one secure location and keep a handle on far more detailed information from our conversations with you. We are now better able to communicate with other offices ensuring continuity of care for our patients. Not to mention, saving some trees!

Some things we Do Very Differently from other dentists.

We’re conversational, and committed to breaking the dental stereotypes of being “Pressure Salesmen”. Want to know what you’ll be experiencing at Biddeford Saco Dental Associates? 

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