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Dental Hygienist

What’s it going to cost?

The prospect of going to the dentist can give even the bravest souls an unwelcome dose of anxiety, as we spent some time reflecting on in our last blog.  Not least among the reasons for this is the question of cost. At BSDA, we think that there is a severe

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Dental Exam

When was the last time you went to the dentist?

So, quick, without thinking too much, what was that first emotion you felt when you read the title of this blog? We’d wager your first feeling wasn’t joy. It probably wasn’t nostalgia either. It probably wasn’t a sense of accomplishment, was it?  Regardless of how long it has actually been

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Kelly Anne

Online Booking – With real people on the other end.

There are a lot of promises made by the technological advances of our age. We are offered a world more convenient, more informed, and more connected.  Many people wonder, however, if the increase in digital connection actually causes us to spend less time with real people.  Have you found that

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Implant Consultation

The Good Dentist

Most dentists are good dentists; you have to be in order to get licensed. True, not everyone graduated top of their class, and it is possible you’ll end up in the chair of a dentist who attended a dubious dental institution (think Dr. Nick, graduate of the “Hollywood Upstairs Medical

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